This piece was written for the blog by one of the tribe; Katherine. My tribe of parents are who I have been called to serve. At Eco Ed Forest School they have a huge voice and are invited to share their experiences, expertise and enlightening moments for publication. …

What could it be? You’re racking your brains and questioning yourself aren’t you. Why is it unspoken? Is it illegal? Is it the password to Gringots bank?

Well your wait is over. The unspoken trait is Trust.

Trust is massive at Forest School not only between the leader and the…

Today, I’m looking at the 11 types of play that can usually be observed by children at different stages of their development.

The Underrated State Of Play

Now if this is your first time reading this blog you may not know that play is the secret sauce of Forest School and, alongside the Forest School…

Eco Ed Forest School

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